Driving lessons in English.

We have instructors who give driving lessons in English, the final driving test is in English to. Maybe you already have a driving-licence but it isn't valid in the Netherlands. In that case you have to pass first the theory exam, we can provide you studiematerial in English (theory exam in English is possible) and then you can do the driving test. We strongly advise to take some lessons because you have to get used to the Dutch infra-structure and ofcourse our cyclists!

First we do an intake, which takes 120 minutes, and after that we can make an estimate about the amount of lesson hours you probably need to be succesfull at the CBR (that's were you do your final exam). Please don't underestimate the skills you'll need to be a safe driver in the Netherlands.

If you have never driven before we also do an intake for 120 minutes, after that we can make a choice which package is the best for you.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to call us at 040-2119942.